Commitment to quality.

Taschibra is one of the largest lighting companies in Brazil and one of its main concerns is to provide what is best in the lighting market, matching consumer expectations with regard to functionality, practicality, economy and beauty products. Today has over 500 employees spread throughout Brazil and abroad, trained to attend market challenges.

And thinking in the future, the Taschibra continually invests in the development of more efficient products that have a lower power consumption and consequently lower environmental impact. It is an innovative company, modern, competitive and committed to nature and sustainable development and supports various projects of social inclusion through sports.

Social and environmental commitment.

The Taschibra is engaged in improving people's lives through sustainable programs in the community in which it operates, increasing access to opportunities, revitalizing communities, helping them to achieve self-sufficiency, and leading efforts in the improvement and protection of the environment. We believe it is crucial to implement actions to promote sustainable social change. Therefore, we can reduce the environmental impact, reduce the degree of inequality that inhibits the growth of the economy, contributing in the social field bringing innovations in care communities, building an inclusive society and move towards a better future and add value to the company.



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