The Taschibra is a Brazilian company specialized in lighting products, its headquarters is in the city of Indaial, Santa Catarina. With a solid foundation, has 25 years in the market, approximately500 employees and approximately 200 representatives. The company is one of the largest lighting industries in Latin America, it also acts as an exporter and annually produces about 4.5 million light fixtures, which are distributed among channels Home Center, Construction Material / Electrical Material / Specialty Retail, Supermarket / Bazaar Corporate and B2B.

Certified quality based on ISO 9001, also implements modern environmental practices and are the result of hard engagement dedication and concern for sustainability. With continued investment in infrastructure and professionals, the Taschibra has always seeks new markets and new products, which puts it in a prominent position, always bringing you the best and most modern in the segment.

The recognition for the work done by Taschibra is cause for great pride and has yielded important awards that encourage increasingly the company.

This is Taschibra, a versatile company, competitive and focused on the customers and consumers satisfaction.

The Taschibra works with dedication to offer you what is best in the lighting market.








Illuminate environments with excellence and environmental responsibility.


To be a national reference in lighting.


Ethics: acting with integrity and transparency, where honesty and sense of justice guide our every action.

Innovation: seek and create new concepts for products and services.

Relationship: providing integration and valuing people, whether they employees, suppliers and customers.

Commitment:be persistent, determined and responsible to the challenges and goals of the company.

Customer focus: understand their importance and needs, offering solutions with products and services.

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